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MST NO-FOG USA Breath Deflector - Heavy-Duty Anniversary Mask (007D/XL)

NO-FOG USA Breath Deflector - Heavy-Duty Anniversary Mask (007D/XL)


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Product Description

Model Number: 007D/XL
  • These masks feature NO-FOG® advanced moisture wicking properties for comfortable wearing... all day or night! 
  • Exclusive removable by Velcro® upper head Z-Strap™ for complete rider adjustability
  • Secures mask giving you the ultimate facial seal for all your fog control needs in any climate or riding condition! 
  • Eliminates breath fogging! 
  • Features a new High Performance Ventilation System (HPVS)
  • New 2015 Dry Face™ technology - No more damp mouth.... simply amazing
  • No bottom fleece means less bulk inside jacket for comfortable head movement
  • Velcro® less-type fabric that creates less bulk behind neck for a slimmer fit inside your helmet
  • New "Smart Fit™" design nose seal for NO-FOG® Snowmobiling™! 
  • Our Anti-Fog masks can be worn with complete confidence inside any Full-face, Open face, Modular or Motocross/goggle helmet
  • Wear with or without your favorite balaclava... fits all
  • The front NO-FOG® deflector actually form-fits (flexes & conforms) within the confines of your helmet, creating a custom fit breath deflector
  • Made from soft warm Micro-Fleece™ neoprene with behind neck Velcro® closure for quickly on and off wearing - it doesn't get much easier!
  • Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet
  • A great fitting mask built in North America by snowmobilers just like you! 
  • The NO-FOG® is the "Hot Set-Up" for Cold Weather Fog Control! 
  • This mask is the all time best seller!