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Motion Pro 08-0454 Silver Steel Wheel Weights 72-1/4oz Segments (18oz Pack)

Motion Pro

  • $ 1032

Product Description

Part Number: 08-0454

When applying wheel weights to a wheel, the wheel must be clean, dry, free of solvents and oils and at a minimum temperature. Motion Pro recommends using a water based cleaner like Formula 409 to remove grease and dirt, and then wipe down the wheel with Isopropyl Alcohol to make sure of a clean and dry surface for application of the wheel weights. Minimum temperature for application of wheel weights should be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some solvents and contact cleaners may leave a residue behind that will prevent proper adhesion of the wheel weights. Removal of old adhesive can be easily accomplished with a citrus based solvent, do not use products like WD40 to remove the old adhesive, as it will leave a significant oily residue behind that will prevent proper adhesion. Temperatures below 60 degrees F will not allow proper adhesion of the wheel weights, and keep in mind that any solvents used will evaporate slower at lower temperatures, so allow more time at low temps when cleaning wheels.

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